We Do That

Over the decades, Sound Insights has evolved as one of Treasure and Gold Coast's original "custom integrators".  That culture of finding ways to satisfy our clients has led us to include the term "We Do That" in our vocabulary.  A generation ago, that might have meant that we could get a 40" Sony TV that weighed as much as an engine block into an antique piece of furniture that might be older than our country.  Now, for this generation, "We Do That" often means we can sort through all the music and video in the world and make it so easy to manage that any four year old and most engineers can enjoy our electronics without extensive training.

Please scroll below to review our offerings designed to simplify your life at home. Do not hesitate to request personalized information via the convenient form on every page or a phone call to one of our experts.

The underlying message is that the convergence of internet, plummeting costs of the actual electronics, and the development of reliable supervised wireless solutions has made systems that were once only available to the wealthy during construction planning are now available to most of us in the homes we live in today.

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Interactive Security

It's time to expect more from your security system. You can have better security, increased awareness, mobile control, and new levels of interaction through an advanced security system. 

Better Security 

Protection when you need it most 
Get better protection with an advanced wireless communication system. Don’t be exposed to common vulnerabilities of other systems like phone/broadband line cuts, or an unpredictable Internet connection that can drop in a power outage. Get persistent protection with always-on communication that works.  

We Do That.


Music Everywhere

Streaming tunes and news from anywhere in the world and personal music collections have changed the way you listen and enjoy at the gym, on your walks, in your car, almost anywhere but your home.

Now you can share that music with your family and friends in any room in your home.

The wiring requirements that once made these systems a luxury that could only be installed during construction have been replaced by wireless technology.

These modern systems can bring music back into your life in hours and they are surprisingly affordable

We Do That.

Dedicated Home Theater Rooms

Theaters are designed to isolate you from the outside world and all that stress. Then, for a short while, every so often you can recover as you immerse yourself in a world that you choose 

Our team of installers has been installing Home Theaters in The Treasure and Gold Coast for well over twenty years. From a basic Surround Sound System in the Den, to a full on Theater Room. 

Some of our clients have used us to install Home Theaters in their second homes overseas or outside the state of Florida. We would be happy to work with you, your architect, designer and builder to make your dream of your own Home Theater come true.

We Do That.

Advanced Control Systems

Simply stated, home automation brings all the separate systems in your home into a unified, simple to control interface. 

Multi-Room Music Systems, Lighting Control, HVAC, Home Theater equipment, and even Cameras and Pool Pumps can all be simply controlled with devices like an iPad that you already are familiar with. 

Sound Insights is both a Crestron and a RTI dealer, programmer, and installer. If you are currently building or renovating a house, condo or even your office or boardroom, contact us today for a consultation.

We Do That.

Home Entertainment Systems


Some of us cannot find the time to spend in a home theater, and yet all of us enjoy sports and movies, and games along with our favorite TV shows. Let us make the system fit the room and the control of that system fit your life. We can make complicated electronics simple enough for any four year old and at the same time impress most engineers.

Whether it is a flat panel TV with a sound bar to enhance the experience or a complete 9 speaker surround sound system all controlled by a single remote....

We Do That.

Structured Wire

Start with a strong foundation consisting of the necessary cabling, distribution components and housings. Now you can share music, TV and internet throughout you home. We will work with your builder or architect to make sure your home is Ready.

We Do That.



It seems like every day there is another device that needs internet access.  The new Smart TVs, Smart Blu Rays, iPad, laptops, Netflix, wireless printers, and even your kid's video games all need blazing fast internet.  Buffering is not the name of a movie!  Let us help design and install a solution for you.

We Do That.

Concierge Services

Do you need help setting up that Apple TV someone just gave you? How about converting your CD collection to iTunes for your Sonos to play? Maybe you want someone to meet with your cable provider at the house?  We can meet with you, your builder, electrician, or your architect to help you with your building and remodeling needs.  Or, perhaps, you simply need a translator for today's electronics?  

We Do That.